So what is Thar Natruals ?

The name “THAR NATURALS” itself expresses the meaning- “Natural Produce of the desert state of India.” THAR NATURALS is a vision of Gill Family to promote natural farming on a large scale and make aware other farmers of Rajasthan and other states that high yield and quality can be easily be achieved through natural farming.

THAR NATURALS is also here to provide you the best natural produce like cereals, pulses, millets, kinnows, vegetables which are completely chemical and GMO free. You can also be a part of natural farming revolution by purchasing chemical free, non-GMO, unrefined, unpolished crop produce through THAR NATURALS.




In case if you have any message for us you can contact us through mail.

Address: Village 58-RB, P.O.- Kikarwali, Tehsil –Raisingh Nagar,
District- Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan (335024)

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